Goodbye to our volunteers – Candy and Blessy!

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Blessy and Candy

August and September was a time of change and transition at Don Bosco Technical School. The school year quickly drew to a close, leaving our First Year students excited to return home for a much needed holiday before their second and final year at Don Bosco in October. The Second Year students were perhaps even more excited as they prepared to embark on their SIPT work experience placement.

Our volunteer community has also experienced some significant change as Candy and Blessy, two of our long term volunteers, left Don Bosco after a year of service in the teaching department.

Candy, originally from the Philippines, spent the last three years teaching in Hungary before she decided to take up a volunteer position at Don Bosco. Candy arrived in October 2013 and returned home to Manila on August 9th this year.

Her primary role at Don Bosco was to serve as an English ESL teacher for the First Year students. She taught with a focus on conversational and spoken English, preparing students for their Second Year studies. Having a recent background in early childhood learning, Candy was able to draw on her previous experience and employ a very free-flow and creative classroom layout. First year students were treated to very visual and audio based lessons, which provided a very healthy contrast to the understandably more rigid English Grammar curriculum.

Candy’s Cambodian journey has not ended here at Don Bosco. She returned to the country mid September to begin work in her new position as an English teacher at an international school here in Phnom Penh. Much to the delight of our community and students, Candy’s presence will be felt here at school for a long while yet. We look forward to seeing her on weekends and at special celebrations.

Blessy decided to become a volunteer in Cambodia through her involvement in a missionary movement in her home country of India. Like Candy, she arrived in October last year and returned home to India in early September. Blessy is an electronics graduate, with a passion for singing and sharing in the life and joy of young people. Her position at Don Bosco saw her working as the English Grammar teacher for our Second Year students. Like all the English teaching volunteers, her steadfast contribution to the English department has been welcomed and appreciated by students and the school community.

In addition to her teaching role, Blessy’s involvement in the everyday life and activities of particularly our boarder students has not gone unnoticed. Everyone at Don Bosco is sad to see her leave and will dearly miss her warmth, friendliness and unveiling faith in the innate goodness of all people. Blessy will return to India to pursue employment opportunities in her field of electronic engineering.

The students and community at Don Bosco Technical School wish both Candy and Blessy all the best in their future endeavours. We look forward to hearing about your new adventures in both Cambodia and India. Good luck!

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