School Facilities

Facilities to foster growth

Our school has a range of facilities that allows our students to participate in a variety of educative and recreational activities.

Our sporting facilities include basketball courts, volleyball courts and two full-size ovals.

Our educative facilities include the oratory, our department workshops, the theory building and our library and resource centre (which is currently undergoing construction due to upgrading).

A space for children to learn, play and grow

The Don Bosco Oratory is an educative and pastoral community that welcomes children of all backgrounds. Our Oratory has built its foundation on nurturing the expansion of education, the development of meaningful relationships, and the active participation of young people.

Our oratory seeks to answer the educative needs of local children and youth, specifically those who do not have the opportunity to study at school, or those who do not have access to sufficient education. Our weekly Sunday program provides a foundation for children to receive basic teachings in a broad range of fields including academic studies, sporting, recreational activities and cultural and social teachings. Many of the activities and programs are run by our students studying at our Technical School, allowing our senior students the opportunity to undertake peer tutoring and develop constructive relationships with local children.

Practicing self-sustainability

Our school owns and operates a medium-scale farm that harvests vegetables, tropical fruits and fodder; as well as livestock including cattle, pigs, chickens and fish. We grow our own food to supply the school kitchen, where we prepare close to 900 meals each day for our students and teachers.

Our farm is unique in that we combine traditional Khmer farming with modern techniques. We seek to lead by example by practicing responsible and entrepreneurial farming through preserving natural resources and by recycling materials and energy. Instead of embracing unsustainable high-tech farming methods, we adopt techniques that are kind to the environment and that can be adopted by local farmers.

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