Our welding department focuses on the fabrication of machine parts and the technology involved in electrical and gas welding. Our students receive practical welding training on sheet metal, MIG and TIG stainless steel, plasma cutting, cylinder rolling, and bending and cutting. Our program is designed to equip students with the key skills necessary to work for a wide range of businesses involved in the production of metal works, cutting (late, thread, stainless steel and gas), electrical and gas welding and the operation of machinery.

Subject Outline

Don Bosco Technical School provides a two-year technical skill education that combines theoretical studies with practical workshop teachings. The following subject outline overviews the summary of the skills and expertise taught to our students within the welding department.

  • Skills in Electrical
  • Electrical Welding
  • Gas Welding
  • Tig and Mig Welding
  • Operating and Servicing of Machines (Lathe, Shaping and Milling Machines)
  • Metal Works (Metal Drilling and Surface Grinding)
  • Bending

Course Breakdown


Basic Skills

  • Origins and Reason of Danger
  • Filling
  • Sawing
  • Basic Measurements
  • Drilling
  • Handing Thread 

Lathe Machines

  • Machine Operation and Safety
  • Chuck Speed
  • Cutting Speed
  • Grinding of Lathe Cutting Tools
  • Use of Measurements and Other Tools
  • Facing, Turning, Chamfering and Center Drills
  • Thread Cutting Speed
  • Metric Thread (L/R)
  • Worth thread (L/R)

Shaper Machines

  • Operating Shaper Machines
  • Grinding Shaper Cutters
  • Surface Shaping
  • Angle Shaping
  • Polygon Shaping
  • Internal Shaping

Basics of Electrical

  • Wire Connections
  • Fluorescent and Resistance Lamps
  • Power Meter


Lathe Machines

  • Conic, Drilling, Spring Ways and Cutting
  • Making Threads (Square, Trapezoidal)
  • Making Multiple Threads

Milling Machines

  • Preparation of Milling Machines and Installation Tools
  • Milling of Side Surfaces
  • Milling Groove (U)
  • Milling Groove (T)
  • Milling Groove of Chamfering Angle
  • Milling Tongue and Groove
  • Universal Indexing Head
  • Simple Indexing Head
  • Fabricating Gear Calculations (Straight, Conic)


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